Baltimore, MD - Apr. 18, 2024  - Three weeks after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, new information is surfacing surrounding the moments leading up to the crash and potential warning signs that might have been missed.

In an exclusive interview with Fox45 News, a long-time crane operator for the Port of Baltimore claims the ship was experiencing electric failures even before left the dock. Those claims come as FBI agents boarded the vessel this week to conduct a criminal investigation into the catastrophe.

Minutes before crashing, chilling video captures the Dali losing power, lights flashing on and off. Crews made a desperate mayday call mid-departure, but it was too late to save the bridge or the six construction workers who lost their lives in the collapse. Now, questions and suspicions remain over the vessel’s condition hours prior.

According to crane operator Damian Tucker, he witnessed electrical red flags firsthand.... Read More: FOX45