Pesach is around the corner so time to jump into the captivating world of shmura matzah—specifically the crispy, thin, and oh-so-delicious kind made at Lakewood Shmurah Matzah. In this video, we explored the fascinating process of how this Passover staple is lovingly crafted. The matzah is more than just a cracker. Its process is all about preserving tradition and the deeper meaning behind this unleavened treat. That's why the meticulous supervision of matzah production, especially for the hand shmura variety, is so crucial. There is the machine matzah which comes out in perfectly shaped squares, but there's something extra special about hand matzah. It's like the artisanal approach to matzah-making, and at Lakewood Shmurah Matzah, they take this tradition seriously. The process involves a unique blend of wheat varieties sourced from across the US. These different varieties of wheat are then carefully combined to create a flavor that's just right. Then, the flour and water are blended, creating a smooth, workable dough. Kneading this dough is an art form in itself, and it's the key to achieving that perfect texture we all love. Then hand rolled super thin and into the oven in under 18 minutes. Join us as we experience the rich tradition and craftsmanship behind the making of hand shmura matzah at Lakewood Matzah Bakery and subscribe to our channel for more kosher food documentaries.


00:00 -Introduction

00:26 -Rabbi Sholom Tendler (Star K Kosher); Highlight of the Passover

00:55 -The Supervision of Matzah

01:23 - Matzah-Making Process

04:20 - Conclusion