Baltimore, MD - Apr. 11, 2024  Note from Teach MD Community Leaders

Dear Friends,

We'd like to inform you of an exciting first step in the fight for nonpublic school transportation funding in Maryland, one of Teach MD's priorities this year. We're thrilled to congratulate and thank legislative champions Delegate Dalya Attar and Senator Shelly Hettleman  - who fought for a new pilot program which provides funding for Baltimore and Montgomery Counties, and recently secured half a million dollars for this program! This pilot is a starting point from which we can build towards great impact for day school and yeshiva families. It is a great foot in the door and a major accomplishment!

We'd like to thank fellow community members and volunteers who came with Teach MD to Annapolis on numerous occasions to advocate, and to our yeshiva professionals who spoke up for the families they represent.

We'd like to thank Rabbi Ariel Sadwin of Agudath Israel of Maryland for his key role advancing the program and partnership. Thank you as well to our partners in advocacy at BJC, JCRC of Greater Washington and the Catholic Conference.

It is important to note that while this is an historic milestone worthy of celebration, at the same time this will not yet result in free busing for the entire community since the total funds needed for that goal are much more than currently allocated.  However, this is still an amazing first step and shows what can happen when our legislators and community members come together to fight for our families.

We look forward to sharing more details and we look forward to working together as a statewide community to broaden this initial transportation program and make our yeshivas and day schools stronger.

Please join our efforts, as we need your participation to keep making gains! Please contact to learn more and get involved.

Thank you,

Brett Fine                  Jason Reitberger
Ari Gross                   Yanky Statman
Sam Melamed           March Tropp
Yehuda Neuberger    Jerry Wolasky    
Dov Ocken                Edwin Zaghi
Teach MD Team:
Arielle Frankston-Morris
Meyer Beren