Baltimore, MD – Apr. 2024 - Yes, now in Orlando, as well! Are you nervous about Kashering for Pesach; unsure you will get it done properly? Are you afraid the water will ruin your cabinets and create a mess in your kitchen? Are you moving into a new house and need the kitchen kashered; stress-free? Click here

For the last six years, The Kashering Konnection, has been servicing the Baltimore and DC communities. Coordinated through Star-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Sholom Tendler, experienced, professional Mashgichim are available to come to your home and ensure an easy, mess-free and 100% properly-done Kashering of your kitchen and appliances. From ovens to stoves, counters to sinks, The Kashering Konnection can help you prepare for Pesach in an easy and affordable way.

“We have received so many calls at our office over the years requesting such a service, we finally decided to coordinate the effort” says Rabbi Tendler. “So far, the volume of requests has been incredible”. So much so, we are now offering the service in Orlando as well.

Kashering can be nerve wracking, if it is not done right, then you have accomplished nothing. While not hard to do, many people are either unsure or too nervous to do the job properly. Also, many people compromise safety in order to Kasher. While we encourage people to learn how to do it themselves, we are also happy to provide this service to assist anyone who needs to have a stress-free experience”.
Of course, the STAR-K hotline is available to answer any questions and offer guidance to everyone as well. The STAR-K Passover Directory also offers guidance and other information to help you prepare for Passover. It is now available on the STAR-K app and can also be downloaded for free here.