Baltimore, MD – Apr. 3, 2024 – 1:24PM – Lights are out at:
Intersection of Old Court & Greenspring.
The Quarry on Greenspring.
Green Summit & Greenspring

The entire Quarry is without power

Tree down on Smith Ave at Carla Road.

Traffic Lights at  Smith & Greenspring are now working


Earlier today:

Old Court between Park Heights and where Stevenson Road starts is completely blocked by a downed tree and the traffic lights are out.

According to Bmore Speed Traps Chat the wind has knocked out a few power lines to the traffic lights on Park Heights at, Fords Lane, Clarks Lane, Cross-Country.

A tree is down on Slade between Park Heights & Seven Mile and on Smith between Seven Mile Lane and Park  Heights.

Lights at Willow Glen & Greenspring are out.

A tree is down on Fallstaff Road immediately off Reisterstown Road.

Lights on Reisterstown Road parallel to the Plaza are out.

Traffic Light Scenarios:

Completely out, treat as 4-way stop.

Flashing yellow; proceed with caution.

Flashing red treat as a stop sign