Baltimore, MD  - Mar. 28, 2024  - On Purim, Rabbi Sholom Reindorp, director of Jewish Incarcerated Family Services (JIFS), a Chabad of Maryland organization, mobilized a team of volunteers to spread a sense of joy and community to Jews in confinement all across Maryland.

Splitting into four teams, the 8 volunteers departed Baltimore early Purim morning to embark on their remarkable journey. Their stops included state prisons, county detention centers, psychiatric hospitals, juvenile detention centers, and rehab centers, with back-to-back Megillah readings from morning all the way up until sunset.

Abby H., in Maryland Correctional Institute for Women, whose journey back to Judaism strengthens with each passing day, shared her appreciation: “Thank you for sending great people to us for Purim!!”

This video offers a glimpse 'behind the walls,' capturing poignant moments of these vital activities, to ensure those far from home are not forgotten.