Dodging potholes could become a sport in Maryland, which ties with New Jersey to rank No. 8 in the country for axle-jarring craters, according to a new analysis of Google searches for pothole-related terms from USA Today.

Potholes are formed when the top layer of pavement and the sub-base beneath can no longer support the weight of traffic. Small cracks expand over time, allowing water to seep in. Hitting a pothole can result in expensive repairs that insurance won’t always cover.

USA Today based its analysis on Google Trends data from 2020 to 2023 for terms such as “pothole,” “potholes,” “pothole repair,” “pothole damage” and “pothole complaint.” Each term was given a search index number, which was then used to generate composite scores for cities and states.

According to the analysis, Washington, Minnesota and Michigan with freeze-thaw cycles have the distinction of having the most pothole problems. There were exceptions. Among states with warmer climates, Tennessee, California and Georgia were in the top 10.... Read More: Pikesville Patch