With Purim approaching, the Pesach travel season is just around the corner. Tens of thousands of US citizens who reside in Israel may be considering traveling Stateside to visit family for the holiday. However, it’s crucial for them to ensure they have the proper travel documents in hand.

Earlier this month, Chaim V’Chessed hosted a unique passport event in collaboration with the US Embassy. Embassy staff went above and beyond by assisting US citizens who recently welcomed newborns.  Families gathered at Chaim V’Chessed offices in Har Chotzvim for a streamlined process to apply for their infants’ first-time passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad within the comfort of their community. 

In advance of Pesach, the US Embassy continues to explore options to best serve the community. They have asked Chaim V’Chessed and Amudim to gather information from US citizens wishing to travel prior to Pesach, so that they can plan accordingly for the expected crowds.

If you’re a US citizen residing in Israel with upcoming travel plans, and are lacking passports for family members, we encourage you to submit your information via this form.  Submitting your information is not in lieu of applying for an Embassy appointment, but it will assist Embassy staff in planning staffing and appointments according to community demand. All details will remain confidential.

Chaim V’Chessed’s mission is to help English-speakers navigate life in Israel, getting past the language barrier and cultural differences. The organization is staffed by experts who provide English-speakers in Israel with the answers, advocacy and assistance they so desperately need.

Chaim V’Chessed can be contacted at IL: 072-CHESSED (243-7733) US: (718) 407-2448 or by visiting www.chaimvchessed.com