Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 27, 2024 - The Bi-centennial seniors of Bais Yaakov of Baltimore 1976 … met as 8 Olim families. We were 10, but were gravely broken by the petira of our dear friend and classmate, Diane Lieder Taragin, a'h, over a decade ago.

Our special guest visitor, Numi Taub Oshry, popped in from Monsey, NY, to share in our memories.

With gratitude to Carol Abramowitz Rosenbaum, for hosting us in her gracious home in Har Nof.

L to R :  Ellen Ungar Paul,  Gitty Lebovits Formel, Numi Taub Oshry, Barbie Soclof Porcelain, Adriane Stein Kozlovsky, Debbie Levi Nabozny, Carol Abramowitz Rosenbaum, Renee Schuman Fromowitz, Dena Minkove Zalcman