Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 27, 2024  - President of Israel Issac Herzog hosted the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce delegation at Bait Hanasi in Jerusalem.

During the meeting, President Herzog expressed his admiration for the work of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce in building bridges between communities and countries while empowering businesses calling it a huge Kiddush Hashem while acknowledging Lakewood NJ as his favorite community in the USA. He lauded the organization for its efforts in forging alliances throughout the community, Israel, the United States, and the globe.

The delegation comprised twenty Jewish business leaders whom are part of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerces board and Executive leadership from New Jersey, New York, Israel, Europe, and other parts of the chamber's global network.

Furthermore, President Herzog was recognized by the chamber and The Morris Katz Foundation with the Morris Katz Legacy award on US Presidents’ Day.

The President expressed deep gratification for receiving the award which recognized him for carrying the message of the world- famous artist historic president collection saying "Never Again" and for demonstrating appreciation to US presidents.

About Morris Katz President Collection Award; Morris Katz is a renowned artist with work in many museums, including the Smithsonian His background as a Holocaust survivor and ultimately a true American patriot, who was amazingly appreciative of the opportunities he found when welcomed to our shores in 1949, led him to create this wonderful collection.