Baltimore, MD - Feb. 24, 2024 - Last week, the Skulener Rebbe of Monsey, Shlita, visited Bais Medrash D’Owings Mills (Rav Nosson Newman, Shlita.) The Rebbe addressed the bachurim and spoke about the importance of Limud Hatorah. He stressed the importance of learning and doing mitzvos b’simcha.

After the Rebbe spoke, the bachurim approached him to give shalom and receive a personal bracha. As two bachurim came forward, the Rebbe suggested that they should both cut off their “chup”. The bachurim were immediately mekabel, and asked if someone could bring them scissors. They brought the scissors to the Rebbe and asked him to personally cut off their “chups'', setting an example for the yeshiva at large.

The Rebbe then bentsched the bachurim and asked everyone to sit down. He raised the scissors and spoke about when Rivka Imeinu told her son Yaakov to get the brachos that were meant for Eisav from his father Yitzchak. Yaakov knew that his father was blind and it was likely that he would feel him when he came for his bracha, and he would immediately realize that it was not Eisav, who was known to have a lot of hair.

The Rebbe emphasized how it is proper for a Yid not to grow his hair long, and that one should be sure to conduct themselves like Yaakov in the way they look, feel, and speak and not like Eisav, chas v’shalom.