Baltimore, MD - Feb. 20, 2024:  

Jewish Community Phone Campaign to Senator Chris Van Hollen

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In continuing our campaign of calling our elected officials to voice our (and seek their) support for Israel, we request that everyone take out the time now and over the next couple of weeks to call the office of Senator Chris Van Hollen - 202-224-4654 -  and relay the following message:

 “Hello, my name is ______ and I am a Jewish Marylander. I would like to voice our deep concern and disappointment in Senator Van Hollen’s one-sided perspectives on the Israel-Gaza situation. He seems to never miss an opportunity to criticize and rebuke Israel, and his recent statement that Israel is committing a ‘textbook war crime’ is absolutely outrageous. The Senator must recognize that there is absolutely no moral equivalency between Israel, a true ally of the U.S., and Hamas terrorism. He should be spending more time calling for the unconditional release of the hostages and the surrender of Hamas as a precondition to a ceasefire. Thank you.

Please remember to speak firmly but respectfully.


Background as to why this request is focused on Senator Van Hollen:

Ever since the horrific attacks of October 7th/Simchas Torah, we have been heartened by the meaningful statements of support from nearly all our political leaders, whose support for Israel’s military goals remains strong despite the concerns they have voiced for the welfare of Gazan civilians.. 

One of our elected leaders, however, has isolated himself by taking an increasingly hostile tone that causes us great concern. Maryland’s junior senator, Senator Chris Van Hollen, has emerged as one of the most outspoken and unabashed critics of the Jewish state on Capitol Hill. His statements have been increasingly one-sided in the condemnation of Israel’s military action, failing to acknowledge the enormous burden of fighting an enemy who hides among a civilian population and selfishly uses incoming aid for their own aims. 

Sources close to Senator Van Hollen tell us that he believes his positions and statements accurately reflect the opinions of his constituents, including those from the Jewish community, who “share in the concerns about Israel’s actions,” and those sources have advised us that it is critical he hears a more accurate message from our community directly. We must make it clear how disappointed we are with the bias that is evident in his public statements.

We therefore ask that every person (adults and students alike) undertake a phone call campaign to Senator Van Hollen’s office over the next couple of weeks, calling daily if possible, to make it clear that we expect a change in his tone and substance. 

Thank you very much.