Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 19, 2024  - A unique US passport event took place in the Chaim V’Chessed offices on Monday, February 5. In recent years, it has been challenging to obtain appointments for first-time passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) for newborn babies born to US citizens in Israel. With the Pesach travel season approaching, families have been anxious to obtain passports for their children. 

Towards this end, Chaim V’Chessed hosted the US embassy for a remarkable passport application event. At the event, families with newborn babies were able to apply for CRBAs and first-time passports. Additionally, applications were also accepted for siblings of these newborns.

Twenty members of the US Embassy staff, led by Mr. Wilbur Zehr, Chief,  American Citizen Services, participated in the event. Applicants pre-registered for the event and arrived at predetermined appointment times. After intake by Chaim V’Chessed representatives and Embassy officials, applicants were ushered into the offices where they submitted their documents to embassy officials and paid their fees. The average applicant spent under thirty minutes in the Chaim V’Chessed offices! ... Read More: Chaim V'Chessed