Several conservatives agree with Sen. JD Vance's memo circulated early Monday that there's a "hidden" clause in the national security supplemental bill that he believes could be grounds to impeach former President Donald Trump from office if elected to office later this year. 

Vance sent a memo to GOP lawmakers highlighting that the bill, which would send billions of federal dollars to Ukraine, assures the delivery of funding through September 2025. Trump, however, has vowed to end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours of gaining office, which would also end funding.

Vance's memo claimed that the supplemental bill "represents an attempt by the foreign policy blob/deep state to stop President Trump from pursuing his desired policy, and if he does so anyways, to provide grounds to impeach him and undermine his administration," and he urged Republicans to block its passage.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky, said he supported Vance's memo on Monday, arguing that Democrats are "setting up" for a possible Trump presidential win.... Read More: FOX News