A coffee shop in San Francisco has issued an apology after a video circulating on social media showing staffers blocking a Jewish woman from a restroom while making anti-Israel comments. 

The video recorded by the Jewish woman shows employees at Farley's Coffee standing in front of the door to the bathroom and asking her to leave the establishment. 

The employees apparently wanted to prevent the woman from recording graffiti in the bathroom equating Zionism to fascism and accused the woman of "misgendering" an employee. In an apology statement issued on Farley's Coffee's Instagram page Wednesday, the business insisted, "We're not antisemitic," and promised "ongoing staff training" after the incident.

While the coffee shop's statement categorizes the messages in the bathroom as "hate speech," video of the incident shows one of the employees involved having agreed with the notion that Zionism is the same as fascism on camera, and the staffers tell the woman, "Free Palestine," until she goes to leave. ... Read More: FOX News