IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari gave a press briefing on Thursday, amid the preparations for a possible resumption of the fighting in Gaza, should the ceasefire agreement not be extended.

“The IDF is prepared to continue the war. We are prepared for our offensive at all times. Tonight, and also tomorrow, we are prepared to strike at any hour. We are maintaining a high level of preparedness, on all borders and in all areas,” he stated.

On the video which was published by Hamas showing Yarden Bibas, who was kidnapped to Gaza, Hagari said, “The terror organization, Hamas, put out a vicious and horrible video of Yarden Bibas. Our hearts are with him and the entire Bibas family. We will continue to take every action needed to return our hostages home. This is the psychological warfare that Hamas uses against the families of the hostages, the citizens of Israel, and the whole world, with the purpose to exert pressure, to cause pain, and to harm our morale.”

Hamas’ claims regarding the Bibas family are not confirmed. I repeat- they still are not confirmed. This emphasizes what the mediators and the world must demand from Hamas - the return of women and children hostages, and the medical examination of the hostages by the Red Cross or another international organization. This is the framework, and this is the deal that was agreed upon. This is what we are preparing for tomorrow as well. Our hearts are with the families of the hostages, and also with the families whose loved ones have not yet returned,” he added.... Read More: Arutz-7