Israeli sources say that Hamas has handed over the group of 13 hostages scheduled for release on Sunday to the Red Cross ahead of their exit from the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli senior official told Israeli media on Sunday that "no delay is expected today in the release of the third group of abductees". This, after the release of the hostages was delayed yesterday by Hamas, claiming that Israel did not meet the conditions of the ceasefire. 

Egypt received lists of 13 Israeli hostages and 39 Palestinians scheduled for release on Sunday, the third batch in the four-day truce deal brokered by Egypt and Qatar, Diaa Rashwan, the head of Egypt's State Information Service (SIS), said in a statement.

"The truce is proceeding without roadblocks," the statement said, adding that 120 aid tucks crossed from Egypt to Gaza on Sunday including two fuel trucks and two with gas for cooking.... Read More: JPost