Amidst all the pain and sorrow of the past two weeks, here are some helpful words from Hila Gonen, director of a trauma recovery center in Sderot:

"What does it mean when magicians say 'abracadabra'? It's actually a combination of two words of Hebrew origin: 'abra' (I will create) and 'cadabara' (as I speak). Words create reality. The world itself, in the Torah portion of Bereishit, is created with words.

When you make a statement such as 'I have no more strength, I'm finished, I'm falling apart,' you create that reality and end up really feeling that way. But a statement such as 'It's hard for me now and I am hurting, but I can still keep on going' will create a more favorable reality.

It is therefore always a good idea to put a time limit on our negative emotions. Instead of just saying, 'It's very hard for me,' say 'It's very hard for me right now.' Instead of just 'I have not recovered,' add 'yet.' Instead of 'I'm sad,' say, 'In the meantime, I'm sad.' We need to remind ourselves that the current situation is temporary and is bound to change for the better.

So, in the meantime, it is hard for us. Thank you Hila, and may we all hear lots of good news.