Baltimore, MD - Sept. 13, 2023 -  The rise in auto thefts continues in Baltimore, with a significant number of the criminals evading arrest, according to FOX45. Baltimore Police Department data reveals that of the 7,077 reported auto thefts this year, there have been only 215 arrests, representing a 3% chance of an offender getting arrested for car theft or attempted theft. The city is grappling with the issue; recently, 3,000 wheel locks were distributed to residents and a lawsuit was joined against Kia and Hyundai, accusing them of having faulty equipment that supposedly facilitates the thefts. Despite these measures, the crime rate remains high, with many of the offenses committed by juveniles. The BPD notes that they have recovered 4,245 vehicles stolen in auto thefts from January 1 to July 29. The local authorities acknowledge the need for systemic changes to address the issue, including a revamp of the state juvenile system.