Baltimore, MD - Sept. 8, 2023  - With the approach of Rosh Hashana, when we partake of fresh fruits and other traditional foods, STAR-K reminds everyone about the need to check many of the items carefully prior to use.

Checking instructions for all Rosh Hashana Simanim are listed below.

For your convenience, we are also including information and links about Yoshon, Baltimore Establishments, Insect Checking charts, as well as the Halachos of Fasting, Schach Guidance and Sukkos-related videos — basically all the information you need to prepare for the Yamim Tovim.

STAR-K wishes everyone a k'siva v'chasima tova and a sweet new year!



DATES*: Open a few dates in each container and visually inspect. If no insects can be seen, the rest may be eaten without further checking.

FIGS*: Open each one and check carefully for infestation (typically wasps, beetles or worms). NOTE: Figs are particularly difficult to check.

 * Checking instructions for dates and figs apply even if they have a hechsher, due to the possibility of improper storage.



  • Dried Peas should first be boiled in water. After they have been fully cooked, allow the peas to soak in the water for 2-3 hours. The peas will then swell and the peel will become translucent. Then check as instructed below. 
  • Canned or Frozen Peas may be checked straight out of the can/bag; there is no need to boil or soak.

Checking Instructions

  1. Take the peas and inspect for holes or dark-colored stains, as this may indicate an insect beneath the thin peel. 
  2. If there is a dark spot on the peel, remove the thin skin and check if there is a cavity with a bug in it.

NOTE: The black "eye" spot is not a sign of infestation. Similarly, orange colored stains on the surface are not signs of infestation; only dark or black stains are of concern.

LEEKS: Examine the outside for any leaf miner trails. Check in between the leaves for thrips or other insects. 


Fresh Cabbage: Separate all leaves and wash well. Then check using the thrip cloth method.

Stuffed Cabbage: After freezing the head, defrost and separate all leaves and wash them well. Then check using the thrip cloth method.


  1. Prepare a basin with water and non-bleach/non-toxic dishwasher detergent solution. The water should feel slippery.
  2. Agitate the produce in the solution for 15 seconds.
  3. Remove the produce from the basin and shake off excess water over the basin.
  4. Pour water through the thrip cloth over another basin. Check the thrip cloth over a light box for any insects.**
  5. If insects are found, wash the produce again and recheck, repeating steps 1-4.
  6. This can be repeated up to 3 times. If insects are still found on the third try, the produce should not be used.

** If one does not have a thrip cloth, the cabbage leaves may be checked carefully using a lightbox or under good lighting.

HONEY: Pure honey does not need a hechsher (Clover, Wildflower, Blossom, Orange, etc., are types of honey, not flavors). Flavored honey needs a hechsher.

Click on any of the links below for downloadable PDFs and for additional Yom Tov-related information.

PDF of the Rosh Hashana Simanim Checking Guide

STAR-K Insect Checking Chart

PDF of What Do Bugs Look Like Chart

PDF of Baltimore Establishments Yoshon/Pas Yisroel Chart

STAR-K Yoshon Info & Yoshon Alert Sign-up

New Kashrus Kurrents Article about the Halachos of Fasting

STAR-K Yamim Noraim & Sukkos Video Channel

5784 Schach Mat Guidance



Baltimore, MD – Feb. 25, 2024 - It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Mrs. Marjorie Fox, a’h, mother Mrs. Chaya Sara Cohn and Rachel Weinberg.The levayah will take place Sunday, February 25 1:00PM Stanetsky Chapel 475 Washington St. Canton Ma. Burial: Sharon Memorial Park Shiva Sunday: At the Weinberg home Westford Ma. Chaya Sara will sit shiva Monday morning  8:30 to 11:30 At the home of Benjamin and Marsha Brecher 269 Summit Ave. Brookline Ma. BALTIMORE:Shiva will be observed in Baltimore beginning Tuesday,  February 27th until Friday March 1st  at: Heather Ridge, 6300 Red Cedar Pl.,  Apt 403., Baltimore, MD, 21209 Visiting times: Tuesday thru Thursday 9:30am-12:30, 1:30- 5:30pm, 6:30- 9 :30 ...
Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 25, 2024  - Municipal elections will be held across Israel on Tuesday, February 27/ 18 Adar I.  Below, Chaim V’Chessed provides important details about the upcoming elections. In this week’s elections, residents will vote for mayor and local council members in nearly every municipality in Israel. All Israeli citizens over age 17 are entitled to vote in these elections, in the jurisdiction that they reside in. It should be noted that these elections have been delayed since October, due to the ongoing war. The Pinkas HaBocharim (Voters Roll) closed on September 14 in advance of the original date of the elections. Hence, only citizens who were 17 years old by October 31 are eligible to vote. Additionally, olim may only vote if they ma...
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Baltimore, MD - Are you nervous about Kashering for Pesach; unsure you will get it done properly? Are you afraid the water will ruin your cabinets and create a mess in your kitchen? Are you moving into a new house and need the kitchen kashered; stress-free? Click here: the last six years, The Kashering Konnection, has been servicing the Baltimore and DC communities. Coordinated through Star-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Sholom Tendler, professional Mashgichim are available to come to your home and ensure an easy, mess-free and 100% properly-done Kashering of your kitchen and appliances. From ovens to stoves, counters to sinks, The Kashering Konnection can help you prepare for Pesach in an easy and affordable way.“We have received so many calls at our office over...
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Baltimore, MD – Feb. 22, 2024 - As everyone knows, thousands of families in Eretz Yisrael were displaced from their homes on Simchat Torah with few or none of their belongs. Now, as Purim is just around the corner, they are asking for Purim costumes so that, even though this year is unlike any other, they can still have a fun and exciting Purim. Please help the wonderful people who have been providing families from the North and the South with clothes throughout the past few months to help them out again with costumes. From now through Feb. 25th, please drop off or have store-made (no homemade) costumes shipped to one of the addresses indicated in the graphic below and bring Simchas Purim to these children and families. Please do not drop off any very used, dirty, or torn costumes....
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken came under fire following his announcement on Friday that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria is “inconsistent with international law”, reversing the policy of the Trump administration on the issue. Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman wrote on X, “Blinken is 100% wrong. I researched this for over a year with many State Department lawyers. There is nothing illegal about Jews living in their biblical homeland. Indeed, Undersecretary of State Eugene Rostow, also the Dean of the Yale Law School (who negotiated UNSCR 242), stated that Israel has the best legal claim to Judea and Samaria.” “For Blinken to announce this in the middle of a war and when the Jewish Sabbath already has begun in Israel is...
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Baltimore, MD - Feb. 24, 2024 - Last week, the Skulener Rebbe of Monsey, Shlita, visited Bais Medrash D’Owings Mills (Rav Nosson Newman, Shlita.) The Rebbe addressed the bachurim and spoke about the importance of Limud Hatorah. He stressed the importance of learning and doing mitzvos b’simcha. After the Rebbe spoke, the bachurim approached him to give shalom and receive a personal bracha. As two bachurim came forward, the Rebbe suggested that they should both cut off their “chup”. The bachurim were immediately mekabel, and asked if someone could bring them scissors. They brought the scissors to the Rebbe and asked him to personally cut off their “chups'', setting an example for the yeshiva at large. The Rebbe then bentsched the ba...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night spoke about the progress in talks for a prisoner swap deal to free the Israelis kidnapped to Gaza on October 7. "We are working to achieve another deal to free our hostages, as well as eliminating Hamas battalions in Rafah," Netanyahu said. "Therefore, I sent a delegation to Paris, and we will speak this evening about the next steps in the negotiations." Netanyahu also emphasized that Israel intends to operate in Rafah: "At the beginning of the week, I will gather the Cabinet to approve the plans for operational action in Rafah, including evacuating the civilian population from there. Only the integration of military pressure and firm negotiations will bring about a release of our hostages, the elimination of Hamas, and the achi...
Baltimore, MD – Feb. 24, 2024 -  BJL wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Idy Ringo & Tova Skaist on their engagement. Mazel tov to  Dr. Jonathan & Dvora Meira Ringo  and Rabbi Eliyahu & Chumie Skaist and grandparents Rabbi & Mrs. Rephael Skaist, Dr and Mrs Stanley  Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Ringo, and Rabbi Beryl Weisbord יה"ר שיזכו לבנות בית נאמן בישראל. אמן!
Baltimore, MD  - Feb. 24, 2024  - Democratic mayoral candidate and former Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah condemned what he called the Mayor Brandon Scott’s mismanagement of $641 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds at a news conference today. “The mayor has frittered away a once-in-a-century opportunity, padding agency budgets, repaying favors to donors and developers, and feeding pet projects and special interests,” said Vignarajah in a news release. “Squandering $641 million is this Mayor’s biggest, most unforgivable mistake.” According to Vignarajah, the problems include the lack of timely and transparent spending as the City nears an important federal deadline that, if missed, will cost Baltimore the remainder of the...
Parsha Hashavua
Daily Dvar Halacha - Feb. 23 / 14 Adar I: Purim Katan!

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Baltimore, MD - Feb. 22, 2024  -HaRav Cohn's visit is scheduled from February 22nd to 25th, Parshas Tetzaveh. This is a unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by one of the most  renowned Talmidei Chachomim in the world! EVENT SCHEDULE:Thursday 9:00 PM- FEB 22ND : Mercaz Torah U'TefillaThe first event is titled "From Darkness to Light: Our responsibility to our Nation during these Troubling Times". This shiur will delve into our obligations and duties during these trying times.  Scheduled for 9:00 PM on Thursday, February 22nd at Mercaz Torah U'Tefilla in the main beis medresh. Oneg Shabbos 9:00 PM FEB 23On Leil Shabbos, February 23rd, an enlightening Oneg Shabbos will be held in the New House at Mercaz Torah U’Tefilla  starting at 9:00 PM. The...
IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said that soldiers' "achievements - another battalion that you dismantle, another underground infrastructure destroyed, another neighborhood where the population is evacuated to a safe space - all these things put positive pressure on the matter of releasing the hostages," during a situational assessment with other high-ranking IDF officers in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday. He commented further on the release of hostages, saying, "We are currently in the days of negotiations on the release of the hostages; I don't know this will develop; there are those whose job is to deal with Gaza; our job is to deal with fighting." He ended his assessment with a statement on positive progressions of the combat, saying,"[Our progress in the Gaza Strip] i...
SimchasSimchas Simcha
The Biden administration declared that West Bank settlements are illegal as it rescinded the "Pompeo doctrine" to underscore its objection to Israel’s declared intention to advance plans for 3,000 new settler homes. “We’re disappointed in the announcement,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Friday during a joint press conference in Buenos Aries. “It’s been longstanding US policy under Republican and Democratic administrations alike that new settlements are counterproductive to reaching an enduring peace.   “They’re also inconsistent with international law. Our administration maintains a firm opposition to settlement expansion. And in our judgment, this only weakens – it doesn’t strengthen – Israel’...
The War Cabinet agreed to send a delegation to hostage talks in Paris after Israel expressed cautious optimism Saturday night about the possibility of a hostage deal that could involve a six-week pause to the fighting before Ramadan, according to Israeli media. “We are working to obtain another framework outline for the release of our hostages,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a post on X on Saturday. “That is why I sent a delegation to Paris – and tonight we will discuss the next steps in the negotiations,” he stated. He emphasized simultaneously that Israel was committed to destroying “the Hamas battalions in Rafah.” “At the beginning of the week, I will convene the cabinet to approve the operational plans for action...
Nichum AveilimNichum Aveilim Aveilim
Baltimore, MD - Feb. 24, 2024 - According to police audio, Baltimore Police responded to the home of Mayoral Candidate Sheila Dixon Friday night. Dixon telling Fox45, someone broke into her detached garage and stole a bicycle and attempted to steal other items. On Friday, Dixon attended a crime walk in the Morrell Park neighborhood, with a focus of quality-of-life crimes. “When I come in the house or bring my car and park it in the garage, I don’t want to have to feel nervous and have to look around. I should have to coming into my neighborhood. No one should," said Dixon. In Dixon's neighborhood, a car was stolen two weeks ago, and last month a person was carjacked at gunpoint. “That’s why we really have to deal with the quality of life of crime. Burglari...
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Jerusalem, Israel - Feb. 24, 2024 - Key U.S. Jewish leaders convened in Jerusalem for the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization's annual National Leadership Mission, February 18-22, 2024, in the aftermath of the Hamas October 7 attack. The delegation included presidents from the Conference’s 50-member organizations and its National Leadership Council. From the opening event at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem, Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the delegation, the days were filled. In addition to meetings with Israel’s political and military leaders, during the week of the Mission, the group met with the families of hostages, bereaved families, and soldiers and commanders of the IDF. Israel Katz, Minister of Foreign Affa...
Former President Trump is projected to handily win the South Carolina GOP primary, dealing a crushing blow to rival Nikki Haley, according to an exit poll conducted by Decision Desk HQ.   The Palmetto State becomes the third state in a row in which Trump has trounced Haley on the ballot. The two did not compete together in Nevada, which held a dueling primary and caucus. Trump’s win was largely expected, given that an average of South Carolina surveys compiled by Decision Desk HQ and The Hill found Trump leading Haley 64 percent to 33 percent.  Haley is Trump’s last remaining major GOP challenger. Trump’s win will fuel further questions about her viability, especially given that she had previously served as governor of South Carolina.  Yet Hal...
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Baltimore, MD - Feb. 23, 2024  Kids and faculty at Dumbarton Middle School are all smiles after Dr. Joel Danziger, a local doctor, donated more than 700 Towson basketball tickets to students and faculty for exceptional attendance this school year. "The goal is to inspire these kids to continue to do well with attendance and with school work and strive to set higher goals like maybe becoming a TU alumni themselves," said Dr. Danziger, who is a dentist of Elite Dental of Towson and Baltimore Magazines top doctor in 2023. As a Towson alum, his goal is to pour into the Towson community. Dumbarton Middle School has been looking to incentivize its students for doing well. It's perfect timing for both parties. "For him to offer this is just one more reason why we love being i...
Chesed Chesed
Baltimore, MD – Feb. 19, 2024 - It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Arthur (Avrohom) Weichbrod, father of Shimmy Weichbrod. Shimmy (443-854-1541) will begin sitting shiva in New York. Further shiva details will be forthcoming. Bila Hamaves LaNetzach...  
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