A recent expose’ by the Intelligence Division of the Regavim Movement, which monitors the activities of the Palestinian Authority and foreign organizations in Area C, reveals that the "Union of Agricultural Work Committees" (UAWC), officially designated as a terrorist organization by Defense Minister Gantz, is running a “student exchange program for Palestinian students” in cooperation with academic institutions in France and Great Britain.

The UAWC was declared a terrorist organization by the Ministry of Defense in 2021 after the close connection between the organization's activities and terrorist activity, including the murder of Rena Shnerb in the summer of 2019, was exposed.

In the formal announcement of the UAWC’s designation as a PFLP-affiliated terrorist organization, the Ministry of Defense proved that UAWC serves as a conduit for the flow of millions of Euros to its parent organization, the Marxist terrorist organization founded by George Habash that has perpetrated murder and mayhem against Israelis, diaspora Jews and others over several decades.

The UAWC is one of a group of PFLP offshoots that pose as civil society organizations as they battle against the existence of the State of Israel and support the illegal Palestinian Authority annexation of Area C.... Read More: Arutz-7