Broadcom Co-Founder Donates $25 Million and Clalit Donates an Additional $9 Million

PETACH TIKVAH, Israel – Beilinson Hospital, one of Israel’s leading medical centers, has received a US$34 million donation, the largest one of its kind in the country’s history, to fund integrative cancer research. Philanthropists Dr. Susan and Dr. Henry Samueli, the California-based co-founder of Broadcom and Chairman of the Board, made a $25 million donation to establish the Samueli Integrative Cancer Pioneering Institute and Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest healthcare provider caring for 5 million patients, has donated an additional $9 million for the institute.

With their vision to transform current health care practices into whole-person care models, the Samuelis were attracted to the hospital’s inclusive approach toward whole-person cancer care and world-class clinical services, research and innovation focused on the full-patient journey, incorporated with the global-level comprehensive databases of Clalit Health Services.

Historically, experts say that one of the challenges with cancer research is how it has been siloed between the biological research component, the hospital-centered component, and the community-centered component. But to find cures for the illness, the next-level solutions will emanate from the integration of the complete patient’s journey from diagnosis through treatment to recovery, powered by advanced artificial intelligence. By taking this integrative approach, the Samueli Institute aims to challenge current dogmas, generate innovative insights, and develop novel cutting-edge technologies to bring new hope to cancer patients worldwide.

The Samueli Institute will be comprised of experts in behavioral sciences, cancer scientists, data scientists, artificial intelligence experts and the unique clinical team of the Davidoff Center. As part of Clalit Health Services, the Institute will have access to the country’s largest database of cancer patients which will enable researchers to create the world’s first cancer-related, comprehensive Data Lake, to propel fast-track innovations. Infrastructure development for the Institute has begun, including state-of-the-art GMP laboratories and specialized staff recruitment is ongoing.

“We thank the Samuelis for this generous donation which will enable us to find a cure for cancer that impacts millions of people around the world,” said Beilinson Hospital CEO Dr. Eytan Wirtheim. “The Institute is keen to form partnerships and collaborations with the global cancer community, including academia, health organizations, industry and foundations – to transform cancer care and create a new future for cancer patients.”

“We aim to merge the axes surrounding the patients, their families and environment with the axes of the disease, contrary to the common approach that focuses on the disease only. This will lead to breakthroughs from the molecular to digital level, with the goal of curing and extending the lives of cancer patients, while improving their quality of life,” said Prof. Gal Markel, the head of the Davidoff Center and chairman of the Samueli Integrative Cancer Pioneering Institute. “We are immensely grateful to the Samuelis for providing transformative resources to cancer research for the benefit of patients around the world.”

“We expect the Institute, under Dr. Markel’s leadership, to challenge existing care paradigms and create a better future for cancer patients inside of Israel and beyond,” Dr. Susan and Dr. Henry Samueli shared in a statement. “The true measure of success will be the adoption of these approaches by other leading institutes throughout the world. We are also thrilled to be expanding our integrative healthcare philanthropy to a world-class institution in Israel.”

“The Institute will challenge the way we currently study cancer and create innovative ideas and unconventional courses of action to improve the overall treatment of cancer patients,” said Samueli Integrative Cancer Pioneering Institute CEO Avner Paz Tsuk. “With our unique value proposition of clinical expertise, advanced laboratories, access to databases and artificial intelligence capabilities, we will transform cancer care and research across the board.”

The Davidoff Center is the first cancer hospital in Israel, dedicated to cancer prevention, treatment and research. It treats one in every seven patients in Israel who are diagnosed each year with cancer.