Baltimore, MD - May 3, 2023 - With tremendous s’yata d’shmaya and countless hours of work, Bais Yaakov’s 8th grade Robotics Team won the two FIRST PLACE and one SECOND PLACE trophies in this week’s CIJE Spring Robotics Competition held in Passaic, New Jersey. 

9 schools and a total of 29 different teams and their robots, from cities including Boston, Massachusetts and South Bend, Indiana, participated in this two-hour, highly competitive and challenging competition.

Bais Yaakov’s Second-place winners are Shana Horwitz, Peninah Ayala Taragin, and Avigayil Taub. Our First-place winners are: Team One - Rivky Braffman, Shoshana Gross, and Chana Gittel Naiman, and Team Two - Zehava Pepper, Chavala Reischer, and Ruthie Weil. The 8th grade Robotics Team is coached by Mrs. Rochelle Goldberg, Miss Meira Levi, and Mrs. Miriam Schechter.

Another impressive accomplishment was that all of our Bais Yaakov teams advanced to the finals. This year saw 7th graders join the competition and they certainly did us all proud by scoring many points and contributing to our win. The 7th-grade Robotics Team coach is Mrs. Tanya Gerstman, assisted by last year’s Robotics team members and current Bais Yaakov 9th graders, Leah Blashka, Aliza Bloch, and Nechama Edelson.

It was especially rewarding to see the tremendous derech eretz, achdus and sportsmanship displayed by our girls. We greatly appreciate the parents, grandparents and friends who came to view the competition and joined in the nachas of seeing our students shine academically and in their middos tovos.

We are grateful to Mrs. Gitti Horowitz, our Upper Middle School Assistant Principal – General Studies, for instituting the Robotics program in the middle school and for her constant support and encouragement. We also thank Rabbi Moshe Frohlich, Bais Yaakov Middle School Principal, for accompanying us on this trip and supporting us every step of the way. We express our appreciation to Mr. Joey Saltzman and CIJE for helping us with this educationally challenging and exciting program.