Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, this morning (Thursday, 16 March 2023), at Platform 17 in Berlin, held a memorial ceremony for victims of the Holocaust, together with Holocaust survivor Franz Michalski, German Jewish community representatives and members of the delegation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu:

"I am very moved, Chancellor Scholz, when we both stand here representing the new Germany and the reborn Jewish state.

Less than 80 years ago, six weeks before the end of the war, when Berlin was already in ruin, the Nazis sent the last shipment of Jews to be exterminated. Our world has changed. Germany has changed. The Jewish state was reborn.

But we know that the calls for the annihilation of our people have not stopped. The main lesson we have learned is that when you are faced with such evil, you have to obstruct its evil designs early on, to prevent catastrophe.

We are now faced with other calls for the destruction of the Jewish state and millions of Jews. We have learned that the Jewish people must have the capacity to defend ourselves, by ourselves against any threat.

But we also welcome the friendship of those who share our concern, our values and our desire to prevent these rogue regimes and these crazy ideologies from destroying our world. It is a trusted alliance, and one that I think is expressed in our standing here today.

I thank you, Chancellor Scholz, for this important and moving ceremony. Thank you."

The ceremony began with a minute of silence, the laying of wreaths and the lighting of memorial candles by the Prime Minister and the Chancellor. Chabad Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal recited the Kaddish prayer in memory of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

The ceremony concluded with the singing of Hatikvah.