KUTV reports, a massive pileup occurred on I-80 between Elk Mountain and Arlington in Wyoming, resulting in one fatality and several injuries. 44 vehicles were involved in the incident.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol reported to the scene around mileposts 266 and 261 in Carbon County on Saturday. Troopers transported non-injured occupants to the Albany County Fairgrounds.

The interstate was closed for several hours while crews cleared the debris and vehicles. The estimated time of reopening was between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Sunday.

Due to harsh winter weather conditions, other roads across the state were also closed. Emergency management officials encouraged anyone involved in the collision to contact Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatch at (307) 777-4321 and select option 4, providing their license plate number, vehicle description, and contact information.

"First responders from all agencies have been working diligently during this challenging weather," said the Albany County Sheriff's Office. "It is not safe outside, so it's best to stay indoors."