"Globes" finds that most Israeli tech firms are laying off juniors as well as HR, marketing and sales staff, with overseas offices bearing the brunt of the cuts.

Rizak Habib-Allah, a 34 year old automation engineer was fired two weeks ago by software company OwnBackup in Tel Aviv, after just seven months in the job. "It was unexpected and I was totally unready for it," he told "Globes." Habib-Allah was given notice of only a week's pay to organize his thoughts and prepare for the new situation. "Since then I've received several calls from placement companies but nothing has developed into a serious process. The job market is very bad - because so many companies are laying off, and on the other hand, only a few of them are hiring."

Habib-Allah would be an ideal job candidate in normal times. A Technion graduate in Computer Science, he worked for cybersecurity company Imperva for several years. He is an entrepreneur who in the past has founded two startups that didn't succeed and now there are few available jobs in his field. "Until now my career has been on an upward trajectory," he laments.

"I received good evaluations and a salary increase, including recently," he recounts. "Up until a year ago, I would receive two enquiries from recruiters every week, so that I would be interviewed by companies. I agreed to one of the offers and that's how I ended up at the last workplace where I was employed, back in May. Now when I get calls from recruiters, it feels like it is mainly done to keep me on one list or another for better times. The companies are wrong about implementing the current wave of layoffs - after all, their biggest asset is their people. I would understand more if they cut salaries temporarily, but instead what is happening is that a mass of layoffs has been created here."... Read More: Globes