Invasive spotted lanternflies, first discovered eight years ago in Pennsylvania and confirmed in Maryland, appear to be moving westward into the central United States, with new reports filed with the state agriculture departments this year in Iowa and Michigan.

But Maryland still plays an important role in stopping the pest, which can devastate grapes, hops and other crops.

Spotted lanternflies were confirmed in Kansas in 2021 and in North Carolina earlier this year. States farther west, including Utah, California and Oregon, have observed dead lanternflies, though it's unclear if the plant hoppers naturally migrated there, or hitched a ride with humans.

Even in states where infestations or dead lanternflies haven't been found, landscapers and gardeners are wise to keep an eye on them. They move quickly, jumping from plant to plant, and hitching a ride as products like landscaping plants, firewood and other products move across the country.... Read More: Pikesville Patch