Baltimore, MD - Oct. 20, 2021 - Less than a decade ago, the name of HaGaon Rav Michoel Forshlager, ztk"l, was a weak memory in the minds of those few who still remembered him and others who heard a little about him and even fewer who chanced upon his Torah in the only published work Toras Michoel al Inyanei HaShas.  All that has changed here in Baltimore and throughout many sections of the frum world.  With the publication by Rav Benzion Bergman of Michoel b'Achas, two volumes of unpublished Torah: Toras Michoel, Braishis and Shmos, the republication of the original Toras Michoel (now in its second reprinting) and the English Biography: The Hidden Giant of the Torah World, Rav Forshlager's name and reputation continues to spread in ever wider circles.

Over the past several years and until this year, a generally compact Melave Malka was held by Baltimore's Khal Chasidim to commemorate his Yahrzeit.  However, this year with many more people aware of him, learning his Torah and  visiting his kever, the Kollel under the leadership of HaRav Amram Jungreis - with the assistance of Rav Benzion Bergman and Rav Pinchas Kreizel (fifth generation descendant of Rav Forshlager) -along with the financial help of various donors organized a city-wide dinner on the night of this Gaon's Yahrzeit.

The dinner will take place tonight, 15 MarCheshvan (October 20) at 8:30 PM at the Kollel, 6004 Park Heights Ave.  Various Rabbonim have expressed interest and agreed to attend.  On the day of the Yahrzeit there will be an Aliyah to the Rov's kever at the Bnai Israel Cemetery on Southern Ave.  Several busses will be arriving from the New York area

All are invited to both events