U.S. job openings rose in April to a fresh record high, along with the number of people who voluntarily left their jobs, underscoring fervent labor demand and turnover as businesses emerge from pandemic-related restrictions and the economy strengthens.

The number of available positions climbed to 9.3 million during the month, the highest on data back to 2000, from an upwardly revised 8.3 million in March, the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS, showed Tuesday. The increase in vacancies was broad.

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The number of people who voluntarily left their jobs increased to 4 million in April, while the quits rate rose to a series-high of 2.7%. The figure suggests workers are growing more confident in their ability to find other employment.

While companies are hiring as the economy reopens, child care obligations, lingering health concerns, skills mismatches and enhanced unemployment benefits have kept some Americans from returning to the labor force. The number of vacancies exceeded hires by 3.2 million in April, the biggest gap on record.

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