Peloton is recalling all of its treadmills over safety concerns following the death of a child and dozens of other injuries involving the machines.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Peloton announced that the company is issuing two separate voluntary recalls — one of its Peloton Tread+ and Peloton Tread units.

The company has also stopped selling the Tread+ and is working on additional hardware modifications.

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The CPSC warned against using the Tread+ in mid- April, saying at the time that children and pets were being entrapped, pinned and pulled under the rear rollers of the products.

At the time, CPSC said it knew of at least 38 incidents of children or pets becoming injured, as well as the accident in which a child died.

Peloton CEO John Foley previously pushed back, saying there was “no reason” top stop using the treadmill “as long as all warnings and safety instructions are followed." Read more at The Hill