More Orthodox, more Arab: Two-thirds of Jews in Jerusalem are religious, new report reveals. But Jewish majority shrinking rapidly.

The Jewish majority in Israel’s capital city continues to shrink, a new report finds, with just slightly over 60% of Jerusalemites being Jewish.

According to a report published in Hebrew Wednesday by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Studies ahead of Jerusalem Day, at the end of 2020, just 60.4% of residents of Jerusalem were Jewish.

There were a total of 952,000 residents of the capital at the end of 2020, the report said, of which 38% were Arabs and 62% were in the category of ‘Jews and others’.

The vast majority (96%) of Jerusalem’s Arab population in 2019 was Muslim, with just 12,900 Christian Arabs.

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Some 97.5% of the city’s non-Arab population, listed as “Jews and others”, were Jewish in 2019, with just 2.5% of the “Jews and others” category listed as either non-Arab Christians (3,300) or without a listed religion (11,100).

Within the non-Arab population, two-thirds of Jerusalemites are religious – either haredi or Religious Zionist – with just one-third of the Jewish population identifying as non-religious – a far smaller proportion than in Israel generally.

Over one-third (36%) of Jerusalem’s Jews identify as haredim, with just under one-third (31%) identifying as non-haredi religious. Read more at Arutz-7