Baltimore, MD – Apr. 29, 2021 - It is with regret that informs the community of the petira of  Rabbi Yitzchak (Itchie) Lowenbraun, Z’L, father of Rabbi Yosef (Dasi) Lowenbraun, Mrs. Shulamis (Nechemiah) Weinreb, Mrs. Rochel (Utchie) Benzion Horovitz, Shoshana Lowenbraun, Rabbi Shloime (Leah) Lowenbraun, and Mrs. Toby (Ephraim) Molinsky, and  brother of Benzion "Barney" (Norma) Lowenbraun, and Shloime (Tova) Lowenbraun. [Contact info below]

Shiva will be observed at 6305 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21215, through Thursday morning

Family respectfully requests no visits between 1PM-3PM & 6PM-7PM

Shacharis: Sun: 8:30 AM / M-Th 7:30 AM

Maariv Motzaei Shabbos: 8:43PM

Mincha/Maariv: 7:50PM

There will be a daily link for a zoom session between 2-3pm.


Monday ZOOM Session:

Tuesday ZOOM Session:

Wednesday ZOOM Session:

Contact info:

Rabbi Yosef (Yosi) Lowenbraun: 757-679-2731

Shulamis Weinreb: 410-350-6516

“Utchie” Horovitz: 917-371-5751

Shana Lowenbraun: 667-352-0983

Shloime Lowenbraun 347-277-8945

Toby Molinsky: 347-956-6417

Watch levayah replay: