'Likud is your home,' Netanyahu tells one-time associate Gideon Sa'ar

Amid coalition talks following Israel's latest inconclusive election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday called on fellow rightists to join him in forming "right-wing and nationalist government that the State of Israel so urgently needs."

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Speaking at a public event in Ramat Gan, Netanyahu urged Naftali Bennett, Bezalel Smotrich and Gideon Sa'ar — the leaders of Yamina, Religious Zionism and New Hope parties respectively —  to come to the fold. 

Israel needs "a right-wing government that will endure for years to come" to face the challenges facing the Jewish state, Netanyahu said, adding that such a government can be formed "in a very short time."

The premier also called on Saar — a former senior member of Netanyahu's Likud party who decided to form a splinter movement late last year — to "come home."

"Likud is your home. You grew up in this home. You will be welcomed here with open arms!" Read more at i24