Baltimore, MD - Feb. 25, 2020 – A year ago shortly after the publication of the Sefer Toras Michoel al HaTorah – Chelek Braishis, the main person responsible for its production and publication, Rabbi Benzion Bergman received a phone call.  In an emotional, tearful voice, the caller declared: "Bergman?  This is George _________. I don't know how to thank you for giving me the zchus to help in the financing of this sefer.  I gave it out to several of my Rabonnim, and they got back to me saying, 'What an unbelievable sefer!' and how I was privileged to help produce it.  Now, I want to know how long it will take to produce Shmos and how much will it cost?"  After being taken aback with this unexpected compliment, Rabbi Bergman responded, that it would take a year and then named a non-insignificant amount.  I want to point out, that Rabbi Bergman, despite his tireless efforts has never taken anything for his work.  The caller responded, "You now have half that amount."

Most of the chidushim in Al HaTorah are from the first three volumes of the forty-five kisvei yad.  The rest of these are scattered throughout the remaining forty-two plus volumes. Rav Forshlager wrote all of these volumes in his home, working tirelessly for several hours a day during the last ten to fifteen years of his life.  All of these manuscripts were written and bound here in Baltimore, and this is why this is an especially great Simcha of which the entire community should be proud.

HaRav Benzion Bergman, Shlit”a, once again, worked tirelessly gathering and editing the computerized writings, getting the rest deciphered as well as locating individuals both in the U.S. and Israel who could assemble the works in a coherent readable fashion so that both the average Torah Jew as well as the seasoned Talmid Chochom could derive maximum benefit from it.  He spent several months going through their work, editing and correcting.  He included a short Biography of Rav Forshlager in the Introduction, as well as several pages of explanation as to how the work was assembled from the manuscripts.  Also, since many letters sent by Rav Forshlager to various Gdolei Yisrael were subsequently discovered, he included them as well.  Finally, he handled the difficult task of raising the rest of the funds required to actualize the project.

This sefer represents the continued effort to complete the Al HaTorah Chidushim.  The rest should be completed iy"h in the next year or so. As mentioned in an earlier article, the English Biography, The Hidden Giant of the Torah World was released right before Channukah.  The response has been nothing short of overwhelming.  Unsolicited letters of praise have poured in from Roshei Yeshivos, Rabbonim as well as lay people.  One Rov called me several times from America saying how much he loves the sefer, has reread it several times, and he keeps it on his nightstand.  It has sold out in the U.S. (despite corona) and a new printing is scheduled so that it will be available at the Sfarim Stores before Pesach.

The main funding for Al HaTorah, Shmos was provided by the same individuals, who supported the printing of the first volume.  It is our hope that the frum community of Baltimore will share in this project by at least purchasing the sefer from your bookstores. It is a sefer which G-d willing will be learned and appreciated by your future generations.