Baltimore, MD - Jan. 21, 2021 - Following coordination between the three organizations, the Sunday Basketball Association (SBA), Sunday Baseball League (SBL), and Junior Football League (JFL) jointly announce the following:

As a year like no other continues, we continue to be faced with the challenge of whether and/or how to conduct our leagues.  We all were hoping by now to have more clarity. However, while the end of the pandemic is finally in sight, it still remains difficult to anticipate what will be in the coming months.  Accordingly, the following details pertain to the current and upcoming seasons of each league.

SBA:  There will be no SBA this season due to the inability to conduct our program safely in indoor gyms during the pandemic, and we look forward to continuing SBA next year.

SBL:  We are currently planning on not having an SBL season this year due to the inability to properly plan for a season that will possibly not be able to take place based on pandemic dynamics later on.  Unfortunately we don’t expect things to change, but if anything does we will share further updates.

JFL:  The JFL season is currently on hold in the middle of the season following the county ban on outdoor sports and the JFL COVID Advisory Committee's decision to put the season on hold.  Thank you to the many parents who have reached out to encourage us to continue the season when the time is right.   The plan at this point is as follows:  If immediately after Pesach the county regulations allow outdoor sports and the JFL COVID committee at the time feels it is safe to continue the season, we will continue then and complete the JFL season on Sundays between Pesach and the summer.  More updates will be shared over the next few weeks and months.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate uncharted circumstances.  We look forward to continuing providing healthy recreational outlets for the children of our community when the time is right and in a safe environment.