Benjamin Horgen said he has been focused on “continuing in Esther’s path of positive thinking and seeing the good in life,” while at the same time noting that he has been thrust into the realm of Israel advocacy

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 Family and friends of Esther Horgen, the 52-year-old Israeli mother of six who was murdered by an Arab terrorist last month, are organizing a Zoom event for the general public on Wednesday evening, Jan. 20, to mark her shloshim—the culmination of the traditional 30-day Jewish mourning period since her death.

Horgen’s body was found on Dec. 21 in a forest near her Tel Menashe home in northern Samaria after she had gone jogging the previous afternoon and never returned.

Days later, security forces arrested Muhammad Cabha, 40, from the village of Tura al-Gharbiya near Jenin, who admitted to Shin Bet investigators that he decided to carry out an attack in revenge for the death of an Arab security prisoner who passed away from an illness while in an Israeli prison.

Speakers at the Zoom event will include Esther’s husband, Benjamin Horgen; Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan; and Tel Menashe’s community rabbi, Reuven Uziel, among others. Read more at JNS