Gamzu says credit is due to the public for putting faith in vaccination

Israel's record-breaking vaccination rollout is showing the world the way out of the pandemic, the country's former coronavirus coordinator Prof. Ronni Gamzu said on Saturday. 

“We're witnessing the final stages of the pandemic," Gamzu told Channel 12 News. "With the sheer scale of our vaccination rollout, Israel is showing the world the exit strategy.”

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As of Saturday, 2,027,835 Israelis received the first dose of the vaccine and 205,579 received the second, by some distance the highest per capita rate in the world. 

“We were used to seeing that 2.5% of the seriously ill were senior citizens, but that has suddenly dropped,” Gamzu said. Israel began the rollout by inoculating those aged 60 and older, gradually expanding the pool.   Read more at i24