While the state is going through an uptick in the number of coronavirus hospitalizations, hospitals across Maryland are ready to receive more patients.

Because of the dramatic surge of coronavirus cases in other states and the uptick in Maryland, 11 News checked in with the Maryland Hospital Association. The bottom line -- Maryland is in good shape in terms of capacity, staff and personal protective equipment.

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Health experts worry pandemic fatigue may be causing an uptick in coronavirus hospitalizations in Maryland.

The Maryland State Health Department reports there are 501 coronavirus patients currently in the hospital, 387 in acute care and 114 in intensive care.

“People should not be complacent thinking they can be casual about catching coronavirus and then be taken care of by a hospital. That will happen, but we want to make sure our hospitals are not strained needlessly,” Maryland Hospital Association CEO and President Bob Atlas said.

According to the MHA, younger people are driving the rising number of coronavirus cases and hospital stays.

“Although still concentrated among communities of color and lower income, people who work jobs that are more in-person, customer facing,” Atlas said.

A survey by the hospital association indicates all the state's medical facilities have some capacity for extra patients.

In addition, the Baltimore Convention Center field hospital and the one in Laurel are still in operation to help with patient overflow. Hospitals have contingency plans in case of staffing shortages. They've stockpiled personal protective equipment supplies.

“I think we are in better shape than most other states with this growth of a number of cases in Maryland. We aren't nearly as troubled as most other states are,” Atlas said. Read more at WBAL