Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu today convened the Coronavirus Cabinet to discuss further restrictions required in light of high morbidity data.

Coronavirus Cabinet Ministers unanimously decided on the following steps to limit gatherings and social functions:

- Halls and cultural performances: up to 250 participants.

- Circumcisions and funerals: up to 50 participants.

- Weddings:

* Up to the 16th of Tammuz, July 9th 2020 - up to 250 participants. The public and hall owners are called to hold them as much as possible in open spaces.
* From the 16th of Tammuz to the 10th of Av, July 31st 2020 - up to 250 participants in open spaces. In confined spaces, up to 50% of occupancy and no more than 100 participants. Read more at Arutz-7