Baltimore, MD - May 27, 2020 - We, the undersigned, believe our community needs to support Mary Miller for Baltimore City Mayor. She has extensive business experience from her years as an executive at T. Rowe Price and she also has intimate knowledge of the government from her time leading a group in the U.S. Treasury Department after the last financial crisis. A poll came out recently showing her tied for the lead with Sheila Dixon. Click here for more info from that poll. 

Click here for more about Mary and visit her website to watch her present her plan for our city -

Below the signers is a quote from our former shomer Shabbos Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. We think Baltimore City has been going in the wrong direction, and if we are going to change the course, it starts with better leadership at the top.  

List of signers (in formation):

David Charnowitz

Dovid Fink

Allan Gibber

Gil Horwitz

Nate Isbee

Jacob Katz

Simon Marciano

Dov Ocken

Isaac Pretter

Y. Jeffrey Spatz

Chaim Spero

Secretary Jack Lew Quote:

“For over four years, Mary worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people, leading the U.S. Treasury department’s efforts to tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing our country. From the debt limit debates and the intricacies of debt management to financial reform and housing finance, and the financial challenges facing our cities and states, Mary has always been committed to strengthening our country, improving our financial system and lifting obstacles for working Americans.” - former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew