RAMAT GAN (VINnews) — Emergency staff at Ramat Gan’s Tel Hashomer (Sheba) hospital have been directed to isolate patients arriving from Chareidi towns even if they do not exhibit symptoms of coronavirus due to the high rates of infection in these towns. Other hospitals are expected to adopt similar regulations, according to a Haaretz report.

Sheba hospital officials insisted that the isolation is not based on communal association but rather based on the rate of infection in the towns where patients come from. The towns mentioned included Bnei Brak, Elad and Modi’in Illit (Kiryat Sefer).

The new directive follows a similar directive in Ichilov and Sheba hospitals to separate between women from Chareidi communities who give birth and other women. Health officials say that the same policy will be adopted in other hospitals but Sheba already adopted the policy due to the high rate of Chareidi patients treated there. The officials said that a third of Bnei Brak residents being tested for COVID-19 came back positive. At present there are 571 verified cases in the town of 200,000 residents, the highest rate in Israel.