Baltimore, MD - Mar. 25, 2020 - Considering the continued uncertainty because of the Coronavirus virus across the world, we are pleased to present A Light In A Time of Darknesswhere we will hear words of inspiration from local community Rabbonim. Please join us every evening beginning at 9:00PM with Tehillim (Perakim 91 and 142) followed by Devrei Hisorerus.  

We have been privileged to hear inspirational words from Rabbanim in our community and offer download and/or replay opportunities for you, below:

To watch on BJL, click on the name:

Rabbi Feldheim

Rabbi Silber

Rabbi Frand 

Rabbi Hopfer 

Rabbi Spero 

Rabbi Seidemann 

Rabbi Neuberger

Rabbi Hauer

Rabbi Teichman

Rabbi Hakakian

To download, click on the name. 

R Feldheim 

R Silber

R Frand 

R Hopfer 

R Spero 

R Seidemann

R Neuberger

R Hauer

R Teichman

R Hakakian

To hear the playback on the phone, dial 712.832.5657 Conference ID 525# and the Sharing ID# (shown next to  the name of each Rav)

Rabbi Feldheim – Sharing ID: 13790#

Rabbi Silber - Sharing ID: 13791#

Rabbi Frand - Sharing ID: 13792#

Rabbi Hopfer - Sharing ID: 13793#

Rabbi Spero - Sharing ID: 13794#

Rabbi Seidemann - Sharing ID:  13795#

Rabbi Neuberger - Sharing ID:  13796#

Rabbi Hauer - Sharing ID: 13799#

Rabbi Teichman - Sharing ID: 13800#

Rabbi Hakakian - Sharing ID: 13801#