The Quick Daf now has over 4000 daily listeners. 600 people just subscribed in time to begin Mesechta Pesachim which began yesterday.

Baltimore, MD - Mar. 8, 2020 - The business executives of modern day times find themselves overwhelmed with various work responsibilities, meetings, train rides to NYC and who knows what else. The world of high profile, successful entrepreneurs are always on the run, with no time to catch their breath. In between each win and every Starbucks coffee, the result is an increasing need to reenergize and revive their wary wits. In other words, they need a boost. How can this be accomplished? There is no time for such matters, after all. 

The Quick Daf is proud to provide you with the ideal solution.

The Quick Daf, offered by the powerful, energetic R’ Zecharia Resnik, has revolutionized the world of Daf Yomi as we know it. The Quick Daf presents the perfect combination of in-depth learning in approximately twenty minute recordings. The Quick Daf is unique in catering to all learning styles across the board. This spans the gamut for those seasoned veterans in the world of Daf Yomi or someone just embarking on this journey for the first time around. With The Quick Daf, every word and pasuk is translated and explained as the basic background of the Gemara/Sugya is clarified in R’ Resnik’s down to earth and practical style.          

The Quick Daf is already being heard across the globe by hundreds of eager followers daily. A number of Magidei Shuir have reported that they utilize The Quick Daf to help them prepare for their shiurim.  Moreover, for men in Kollel, The Quick Daf is used as a means of chazarah and to help further synthesize all that was learnt that day. At the same time, newcomers to Daf Yomi have passionately informed The Quick Daf administrative team that they never believed this endeavor was one that was possible, until this innovative method was introduced.  Hundreds of followers are eternally grateful for The Quick Daf filling a vital need for the Klal, a comprehensive shiur which can conveniently find a set time and place within our hectic lifestyles.

Of course, R’ Resnik’s enthusiasm, energy, charisma and passion is palpable through each shiur which certainly enhances the learning experience as well. 

The feedback that the administrative team of The Quick Daf has received from the public thus far is astonishing and immense. 

However, this is only the beginning of The Quick Daf.

The group continues to grow by leaps and bounds and is proud of its unique, wide-ranging spectrum of men to whom it caters on a daily basis.

Our mission is one that is obvious:  to continue carrying out the holy work of Rav Meir Shapiro of ensuring that Shas is learned forevermore. It is our fervent hope, that R’ Zecharia Resnik’s colorful sector of masmidim will be at the fifteenth Siyum HaShas, proudly singing together the timeless words  of “Toras Hashem Temima”, thrilled to have obtained this lofty goal, twenty minutes at a time.