Baltimore, MD - Apr. 2019 - On Wednesday, March 27, Bais Yaakov School for Girls hosted their 77th Anniversary dinner, celebrating “Excellence in Education.”

Rabbi Yosef Berger, Rav of Kehillas Kol Torah and member of Bais Yaakov’s Vaad Hachinuch, opened the event with divrei brachah.  He began by explaining that on both Purim and Pesach, women are obligated in the mitzvas hayom, as “af heim hayu b’oso hanais,” they had an integral part in effecting the nais.

Rabbi Berger went on to describe the growth of Torah and Jewish communities in during the last 100 years as an obvious nais, one which no one would have dreamed of. “And I feel comfortable saying, ‘af heim hayu b’oso hanais,’ the women had an integral part in this nais, as without their desire to raise Yiddishe mishpachos, this never would have happened.” Of course, Bais Yaakov is an integral part of this success, as the school nurtures young girls, and raises them to become n’shei chayil.

Dr. Shmuel Markovitz, President of the Board of Directors, delivered an address, thanking the dedicated many members of Bais Yaakov’s staff in all of its division, including the Preschool, Lower and Upper Elementary, Middle and High School, as well as the office staff and business office, administrators, day care center, and the Rabbanim of the Vaad Hachinuch, for all that they do to help ensure Bais Yaakov’s success.

Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Shlomo Trachtenberg, then introduced the school video, emphasizing how Bais Yaakov succeeds in providing individualized attention to its large student body. “With over 1600 students, bli ayin hara, Bais Yaakov is the largest private school in Maryland. Nevertheless, it still has tremendous warmth and a personal touch,” he asserted. 

The school video focused on several of the special programs in the various divisions of the school that help make Bais Yaakov so special.

In the Elementary School, the “Be B’Simchah Program” shows the girls how to be b’simchah, encompassing lessons in making others happy, having simchah shel mitzvah, and being samayech b’chelko.  A special Kriah program, “Kriah-bility,” provides motivation for students to work on their kriah skills all year long.  Students practice their kriah by reading sefer Tehillim, and each girl who completes sefer Tehillim makes a siyum with her class.

In the Middle School, an amazing, integrated Ivrit program guides the students to becoming fluent Ivrit speakers, using games, skits and other exciting activities, based on comprehensive word lists.

In the High School, a Holocaust program based on “Witness to History,” teaches the students about this crucial period in Klal Yisrael’s history. Mrs. Shifra Rabenstein, Holocaust Studies Teacher, explains, “The students should not walk out feeling that this is depressing piece of history, but with a very strong trust in ‘Netzach Yisroel lo Yeshaker.’”

The High School also features Yesodos, a hashkafah based curriculum that helps the students develop a sense of self, rooted in Torah. In addition, the newly developed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program allows the students to take concepts learned in class and apply them to building various machines and devices. Last year, students competed and won an award for an invention they created as part of the program.

After this video, the program continued with the presentation of awards to the honorees, who were all acknowledged on pre-recorded videos.

Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Savitz received the Avodas Hakodesh Award.  As the school’s executive director from 1964 until 1971, Rabbi Savitz laid a solid foundation for the school’s future growth.

Mr. Moshe and Mrs. Tsippy Boehm, honored as Parents of the Year, are an example of parents who are truly concerned about the education of their daughters and the ongoing success of the school.

Mr. and Mrs. Mickey and Faige Katz, the Kesser Shem Tov Awardees, have become leaders among their peers and in many community mosdos.

Rabbi Aaron Gross, Director of Development, commented on the success of the evening, “The 77 year successful history of Bais Yaakov of Baltimore is the result of great siyatta d’Shamaya, and due to the very strong sense of achrayus the entire Baltimore community feels for chinuch habanos.”