Baltimore, MD - Mar. 7, 2019 - On Wednesday evening, March 27, 2019 Bais Yaakov of Baltimore will be celebrating its 77th Anniversary Dinner at Beth Tfiloh – Sagner Auditorium.

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For decades, Bais Yaakov of Baltimore has been blessed with S’yata d’Shmaya and success, in great measure resulting from the synergy created by the selfless efforts of parents, teachers, and supporters, who are all collectively committed to the future of Klal Yisroel.


At this year’s dinner we honor those who embody the values and commitment to the goals and ideals of Bais Yaakov. 

Our esteemed Parents of the Year Awardees, Mr. and Mrs. Moshe and Tsippy Boehm, are continuing the traditions of their respective families in Baltimore, through their acts of chessed and raising their children guided by Torah, all with a sense of humility and hatzneyah leches.  As an alumna and proud parents of third generation Bais Yaakov students, they are role models and most worthy honorees as our Parents of the Year.  

Kesser Shem Tov Awardees, Mr. and Mrs. Mickey and Faige Katz, are true examples of those who have brought the chinuch they received in Yeshiva and Bais Yaakov into raising their family, the business world, and community involvement.  After learning in Yeshivas Ner Yisroel and its Kollel, they settled in our kehilla where their positive influence on others and friendship to so many has imbued them with a Kesser Shem Tov.   

Finally, we honor our Avodas Hakodesh Awardees, Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven and Miriam Savitz.  As our Executive Director from 1964-1971, Rabbi Savitz was instrumental in Bais Yaakov’s success during those years of significant growth.  Currently residing in Lakewood, New Jersey, Rabbi and Mrs. Savitz have kept their ties with the Baltimore community, as well as their affection for Bais Yaakov.

From the moment a girl enters Bais Yaakov she is embraced by a steadfast commitment to her personal and academic growth.  Our dedicated staff helps each child realize her dreams by providing her with a high-quality education and individualized tools to flourish, giving every child an opportunity to shine.

Please join us on March 27, 2019 to celebrate Bais Yaakov’s Annual Dinner.  Be a partner in our work and enjoy the nachas that everyone in the Bais Yaakov family so richly deserves!

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We look forward to greeting you!