Baltimore, MD - June 19, 2018 - The spring of 1968 was a notorious one for Baltimore.  The death of Martin Luther King Jr. precipitated race riots for 8 days in the city of Baltimore, causing rioting, burning and looting of business etc.  But that spring, another momentous event occurred and that was the graduation of 22 young women from Bais Yaakov High School.   Rabbi Mordechai Shapiro, ZTL, Rov of Machzikei Hadas in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the brother-in-law of Rabbi Binyomin Steinberg, ZTL, spoke at the graduation.  In his speech he said of this special class, “mum ain boch” boch being the Gematria of the number 22.

This Sunday June 24th the class of 1968 will be celebrating their 50th high school reunion at the home of Mrs. Feigi (Siegel) Oberstein.  Women from Chicago, Detroit, Monsey, Lakewood and New York will be joining their Baltimore classmates.  Five classmates who live in Eretz Yisroel, will be joining Nechama (Pheterson) Burnham in Har Nof where they will be skyped in.  Mrs. Shulamit (Cohen) Gartenhaus and Mrs. Feigi Oberstein are preparing a delicious brunch for all to enjoy.  

Two classmates were unfortunately niftaros, Mrs. Esther Nechama (Goldfein) Margolese, Z'L, and Mrs. Chashie (Bayarsky) Speigel, Z'L.  The class is raising money to place some remembrance in the new Bais Yaakov Middle School building.  Mrs. Brenda Willner, Bais Yaakov High School Judaics Coordinator, and was the class’s eleventh grade Novi teacher will be speaking.

Bli Ayin Horah the students of this class have made their mark in the world. Among these graduates are principals, teachers, a head nurse, librarian, staff in organizations in Eretz Yisroel, office managers, and therapists.  In fact two members of the class are veteran teachers at Bais Yaakov of Baltimore, in the lower elementary and high school, giving back to their students much of what they received so many years ago. Especially the warmth and dedication that Bais Yaakov of Baltimore’s faculty is so well known for.

 Mrs. Faith (Taragin) Shabbat is putting together a book with each classmates biography and family pictures.  Pictures from various happenings and events throughout the years will also be included. In addition Mrs. Chana (Teitelbaum) Kagan wrote tributes in memory of Mrs. Chashie Spiegel and Mrs. Esther Nechama Margolese. It is a monumental work, and each classmate will receive this momento from this special occasion.  The class of 1968 is hoping to celebrate their next high school reunion I’YH in Eretz Yisroel Beve'eas HaMoshiach Bimheira U'Veyomeinu.