The head of the Yesh Atid opposition party, MK Yair Lapid, responded to the High Court decision abolishing the arrangement regulating the chareidi draft.

“The draft arrangement that we passed is not against the chareidim, it is not against the world of Torah, it addresses one principle: everyone has the same rights, and everyone has the same obligations”, stated Lapid, in reference to the legislation his party spearheaded in the previous, 19th Knesset.

“The values, the spirit of the IDF and the soldiers won today,” Lapid said at a special conference he convened. Today we began to turn the ship’s steering toward sanity and values. Recruitment for everyone. Work for everyone “.

Lapid added: “Binyamin Netanyahu cannot continue to evade and squirm, enlistment in the IDF is for everyone, for everyone. Not only the suckers who have no party in the coalition. We were all suckers. The High Court of Justice ruled that there are no first and second-class citizens in Israel. There is no such thing as a law without enforcement and there yes, there are sacred values. There are issues beyond political survival”.

Lapid continued, “I was in the Knesset when they canceled the equality of the burden, you know what was the most obvious thing: It’s the same people, Netanyahu, Ayelet Shaked, Bennett, those people who passed the law with us, On the contrary, when they are asked why, they say: ‘Because before that Lapid forced us, and now Litzman forced us,’ they have no shame on this issue. These are our children. This is our army!”