Yamam and ISA agents rescued four hostages on Saturday in a special operation under the command of the 98th Division, which began when soldiers from the division entered combat in the central Gaza Strip several days earlier.

The Paratroopers Brigade Combat Team led the rescue and the special forces under fire and brought them to the helicopter boarding point in the heart of the Gaza Strip. Soldiers from the Paratroopers Reconnaissance Unit, the Transport Unit (5515), Shayetet 13, the Givati Reconnaissance Unit, and an armored battalion (532) operated with the combat team in the operation.

The Kfir Brigade Combat Team operated for several hours in the area. The combat team operated with soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade and a special force from the Duvdevan Unit.

The 7th Brigade Combat Team, with a force of armored vehicles, combat engineers, and soldiers from the Rotem Battalion operated efficiently and quickly to eliminate terrorists, destroy terrorist infrastructure, and apply fire to allow for the hostages to be rescued.... Read More: Arutz-7