The IDF's Spokesperson's Unit announced that the Nahal Brigade Combat Team has been operating in the Rafah area for the past few weeks, under the 162nd Division. The soldiers are locating large quantities of weapons belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.

During the fighting, RPG missiles, launchers, AK-47s, cartridges and more were located. In addition, the soldiers located a weapon in a baby’s crib.

The IDF stated that the forces are locating and destroying shafts in the area, including shafts hidden in residential buildings and containing many weapons. The soldiers are engaging in close-quarters combat with armed terrorists above and below ground.

Guided by the brigade's fire coordination system, terrorist infrastructures were attacked, including launch areas from which fire was directed at the forces, underground routes, and observation and sniping positions used by the terrorists in actions against our forces.... Read More: Arutz-7