Israel's Supreme Court convened on Sunday to discuss the Conscription Law and drafting ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva students, with Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara seeking to draft 3,000 students by the end of 2024 as a starting number.

"We are in a fateful moment," said Attorney Eliad Sharaga, from the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, one of the petitioners who demanded the government begin drafting members of the ultra-Orthodox community.

"This is an existential question," he said. "The country does not have enough soldiers to fight and to win. Everyone must serve and risk their lives."

Attorney Avi Malikovski, who represents the attorney general, said that the number 3,000 was just a start. "The attorney general believes that the army should strive to recruit as many Yeshiva students as possible," he said, adding that "3,000 is not a final number, it is a minimal number that does not yet reflect the value of equality, but there is a reality on the ground."... Read More: i24